Ruoxue (Astra) Zhang

UX & Interaction Designer

Stress Smacker

Jan 2019 - May 2019

Academic project 

An interactive game for GaTech students who want to release their stress with a target, toss, and SMACK!

My Major Contributions:

  • Designed and made all animations;

  • Digital integration (Arduino and Processing programming);

  • Physical installation


Team: Ruoxue Zhang, Xiaoyu Chen, Shizhong Hu

Problem Space

Stress Smacker connects the virtual and the real world by enabling stressed-out college students to destroy their source of stress.

How It Work

Students are given customized pillows to throw at a lineup of stressful targets, while delightfully animated feedback turns stress into smiles as the pillows successfully hit their marks.

Behind The Scene

Concept Design

Evoking pillow fighting and state fair carnival games of old that embraced communal ways of relieving stress, Stress Smacker’s characters and visual design were inspired from the collective voice and ideas of GaTech students.


The Unsavory

Cafe Turkey


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College Graduation


Crafting And Physical Installation 

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